can teeth repair themselves

Whether you’ve broken a tooth due to a fall or lost a tooth from disease, you may be asking yourself, “can you regrow teeth?” or “can teeth grow back?” It may sound silly, but we’ve come across many people who ask these questions! Understanding this topic can help ensure that your dental health is well-maintained throughout the years.

Can Teeth Repair Themselves? Here’s The Simple Answer

When your teeth are cracked or chipped, or the enamel is damaged, the simple answer is that they are not going to regrow themselves.

Your teeth are different than your skin and do not regenerate. You probably know that when you get a cut, the skin should eventually grow back. Teeth, however, do not operate in the same fashion because they are not made of living tissue. Due to this, you will need to seek out the help of a cosmetic dentist to see what options are available to repair your teeth.

But What About “First and Second” Teeth Sets?

Humans are actually born with two sets of teeth. This is why children have the ability to regrow teeth when they lose their first set of teeth and their adult set eventually grows in. However, once that second set of adult teeth are in, you can’t grow another set naturally.

In other words, as an adult, if your teeth are damaged or one or more of them has fallen out, regrowth is not going to happen on its own. In most situations you are going to have to get your chipped or cracked tooth fixed professionally so that the damage doesn’t become worse.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Over-the-counter Methods

While it may be tempting to stop by the local drugstore and grab an over-the-counter dental repair kit or similar product, we do not advise this. Some of these products may seem like a convenient idea, but keep in mind that they are not designed specifically for your condition or any underlying problems you may have that has contributed to your chipped, cracked or lost tooth.

Scheduling an appointment with a professional is a much better idea than using over-the-counter repair kits. By visiting a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Mishaan, you are getting the benefit of a professional diagnosis and treatment plan, which increases your odds of a speedy recovery.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

Cosmetic dentistry services are varied and depend upon your specific needs. This specialty is really the best for dealing with damaged teeth and enamel problems as there are several available options.

At your appointment Dr. Mishaan will discuss all of the available options and provide a treatment plan. For example, there are dental veneers, dental crowns, or fillings to help repair the problem.  Depending on where your damaged tooth is located, you may need to have one or more of your teeth bonded using a tooth-colored composite, which will completely restore the appearance of the tooth.

When Dr. Mishaan is finished with your procedure, you will never be able to tell there was an issue. In addition, we will walk you through your options and discuss the best solution to your problem. We will also discuss how to prevent further damage to your teeth to avoid these issues in the future.

The Bottom Line

In general, unfortunately adult teeth cannot regrow or repair themselves. Fixing your smile requires the help of a professional in the field. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mishaan today and start loving your smile again.

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