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Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Unveil the Power of a Flawless Smile

Porcelain veneers offer a revolutionary solution to enhance your smile by correcting imperfections such as cracks, chips, or discoloration. At our clinic, our skilled team crafts these thin, durable porcelain layers to flawlessly align with your smile's natural aesthetics. During your initial consultation, we employ advanced imaging technology to provide a sneak peek of the potential impact veneers can have on your smile, ensuring your vision for a perfect smile is perfectly matched.

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells crafted from tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth. By adhering these shells directly to your teeth, veneers instantly transform their appearance, altering color, shape, size, and length. This simple yet transformative solution can dramatically enhance your smile and overall facial aesthetics.
Dr. Daniell Mishaan, Midtown Dental Group founder, interacting with a patient
Dr. Daniell Mishaan, Midtown Dental Group founder, interacting with a patient

Discover the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Embark on a journey to rediscover your smile with porcelain veneers, a premier choice for those looking to not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also obtain a long-term solution for various dental imperfections. These veneers are more than a superficial fix—they are a transformative approach that melds cosmetic appeal with durability and functionality. Each veneer is meticulously crafted to meet individual specifications, ensuring a fit that is both seamless and tailored to enhance each patient's unique facial features. As we explore the customization options available, you will see how personalized veneers can significantly boost your confidence. The artistry involved in crafting each set of veneers is key to achieving successful outcomes, making your smile not just a part of your identity, but a testament to the craftsmanship of modern cosmetic dentistry.

Your Smile the Way You’ve Always Dreamed

Porcelain veneers are a transformative solution in cosmetic dentistry, ideal for those seeking a significant change. These veneers are tailored to fit seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a durable and visually appealing solution. Whether it’s minor corrections or a complete smile makeover, veneers can achieve the smile you’ve always envisioned.

Confidence is Key

A confident smile can be a game-changer in both personal and professional life. Our porcelain veneers are crafted to enhance your smile’s aesthetics while boosting your self-esteem. By choosing our custom veneer treatment, you can smile proudly, knowing your teeth look great and reflect your personal style.

Where Art Meets Dentistry

At our practice, we believe in the intersection of art and dentistry. Our dentists, equipped with backgrounds in art, are uniquely skilled in designing veneers that not only function perfectly but also aesthetically complement your individual facial features. This artistic approach ensures your veneers enhance your overall appearance, creating a smile that is as beautiful as a piece of art.

Preview Your Smile Transformation

See Your Future Smile

Watch our patient Katherine express her joy and satisfaction in the video as she previews her custom veneers just in time for her wedding. This glimpse into her future smile allowed her to make precise adjustments, ensuring her veneers were nothing short of perfection for her big day.

Witness the Transformation: Before & After Veneers

Explore the dramatic transformations achieved with our porcelain veneers in our Before and After slider. Each case study highlights the unique changes and improvements in patient smiles. Visit our Smile Gallery page for more inspiring transformations and see what could be possible for your smile.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Book Your Veneer Consultation Today

Ready to transform your smile with custom porcelain veneers? Schedule your consultation online or call us at Midtown Dental Group. Our expert team is ready to guide you through the process of achieving the perfect smile with precision-crafted veneers tailored just for you.

Porcelain Veneers FAQ

Have questions about porcelain veneers? Our FAQ section covers all you need to know about the veneers process, from candidacy to care and maintenance. Dive into these FAQs to gain a deeper understanding of how veneers can benefit your oral health and aesthetics.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of porcelain veneers varies, as each patient's situation is unique. During your consultation, we'll assess your specific needs and provide an estimate for your veneer treatment. We understand the importance of a confident smile, so we'll also discuss financial options that might be available to help make your dental care achievable. Schedule your consultation today to explore how veneers can enhance your smile and to learn more about the investment involved.

Are veneers permanent?

Dental veneers are generally considered a permanent treatment because they involve altering the natural teeth to fit the veneers. Traditional veneers require the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel to ensure a proper fit. However, there are also no-prep or minimal-prep veneers that involve less alteration of the tooth and are sometimes reversible. The type of veneer best suited to your needs can be determined during a consultation, where we will discuss all available options for your smile transformation.

How do veneers work?

Dental veneers work by covering the front surface of your teeth with thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials. These veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of your smile by improving the color, shape, size, or length of your teeth. The process typically involves preparing your teeth, taking an impression, and bonding the veneers to your teeth with a special adhesive. This can correct imperfections such as discoloration, chips, or gaps, giving you a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.

How long do veneers last?

With proper care and maintenance, dental veneers typically last between 10 to 15 years. The longevity of your veneers depends largely on your oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist for checkups and cleanings. Avoiding habits that could damage the veneers, such as biting on hard objects, will also help extend their life. During your appointments, we can discuss how to best care for your veneers and plan for any future maintenance or replacements that might be needed.

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