Dr. June Lehv D.D.S.—Expert in Orthodontistry

A major contributor to dental issues, as well as aesthetic issues, is tooth irregularity and disproportionate jaw relationships. That is why the Dental Aesthetics and Facial Group includes a doctor specializing in Orthodontic treatment of dental displacement. While some of Dr. June Lehv’s treatments are primarily to improve the appearance of your teeth and face, other treatments are functional and are geared to improving the bite, also known as occlusion.

As an experienced professional, Dr. Lehv will examine, diagnose and treat any irregularities and malocclusions of your teeth. Some common problems are an overbite, underbite, crossbite, and spacing and crowding problems. Orthodontics can improve your smile, as well as your overall dental health.

In consultation with other members of our dental healthcare team, Dr. Lehv will develop an individualized treatment plan. Some of her suggestions may include clear or metal braces; or Invisalign.

Dr. Lehv received a B.A. from Columbia University and then went on to complete her D.D.S. and her orthodontic residency at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Her clinical experience includes both orthodontics and pediatrics. Dr. Lehv was valedictorian of her graduating dental class. Dr. Lehv is up–to–date on the latest research and publications in the field. She herself is a published researcher. You will be in good hands when you meet with Dr. Lehv.

To discuss how to improve both the form and function of your mouth, contact Dr. June Lehv, D.D.S., today.

Dr. June Lehv, D.D.S.

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